Fluency Calculator

Measure fluency accurately

Fluency Calculator is an effective tool to measure fluency. It is designed to easily and accurately assist with the calculation of SPM (syllables per minute) and %SS (% syllables stuttered). Visual and vibratory feedback assist with accurate tallying of syllables and stutters.


Optimise Space: reduce waste

Built for makers

A powerful application to optimise space. Used by Carpenters, DIY’ers, Gardeners, Glaziers, Construction Workers, Patchworkers, Joiners, Home Improvers, Manufacturers to optimise and estimate material.


Drift: Night Time Audio Player

Drift off to sleep

A simple yet powerful application used to play music, audiobooks or podcasts while drifting off to sleep. Import any audio file from your iCloud, Dropbox or other cloud provider.


Transcribe: Adaptive Playback

Easier and faster transcriptions

A powerful audio player that gives you control over playback to enable faster transcription of any audio. With features such as smart pause you can adjust the timing of the playback to personalise the playback to your typing speed and the speed of the speaker.